New forum for the 5-minute stuff

There seems to be awful lot of posts at the finished projects about raytraced balls, playing with this and that new tool etc. Much work posted there seems to have been done in less than an hour / in few hours. Now would you call something like that a project?

Also being a newcomer to elysiun it’s easy to imagine what a random visitor thinks when he comes in and thinks: “ok, let’s take a look what blender can do, there are some finished projects”. And sees a shiny… cube.

Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit here, but sure someone else has noticed the same too? How about putting up a new forum for all these posts to get them off finished projects?

i agree.

i think it should be called.

“i’ve been playing with shit” (or “shit i’ve been playing with” )

it seriously dilutes the “real posts” of people that are seriously doing things.

i personally sugest breaking the finished works into about 5 parts.

Finished works

-finished animations

-finished stills

-finished scenes of a WIP

-finished traditional

-shit i’ve been playing with

this way animations that are finished can remain on the front page for longer,

stills that have been finished can have their own section and be viewed by many people that don’t want to downlaod animation fiels and people wanting to see some cool work.

WIP IMO does not include finished characters, i think its erfectly ok to post a finished character that will be used in a further animation or still. so finished WIP i think is nice

traditional has its section but it is a mixture of WIP and other stuff. this section in finished works i reckon would be optional

but seriously i view threads like “look checkerboard floor” as a complete insult and spam. move them out to the bottom LOL


p.s. with the blender comunity only growing over time i think that having extra forums now, even if they are going to be emptier than the others, will only result in more space for expansion

i guess most of the blender users live in a democratic country, so here goes:

all in favor: yé
all opposed: né


i think it would really make things more structured, so i’m in favor :wink:

do what you like but people will still shit on their own doorstep :stuck_out_tongue:

(I know I have in one sense or another…)

Umm, alltaken’s idea is basically good (dividing the finished-section to animations and stills), but three sections would be enough: Animations, Stills/Scenes/whatnot and that “shiny cubes and refracting balls”-section (could be called something like “examples and testing of new features”).
And rather than putting them under the Finished Projects-section, they could just be added directly under Artwork.

Maybe we would also get rid of the highly annoying ‘I was bored and pooped this out in 3 minutes’ - statements (which actually say: “Tell me how cool I am but don’t you dare to criticize, it was done in 3 minutes!”)

for animations forum we need sub forums called “quick armature tests” and “teasers for never finishing short movies”.


how about just a “Small Projects” or “Quick Pics” or something similar to that for all small tests etc instead of a bunch of sub-categories.

oh and definitely dont call it “Shit ive been playing with” because i couldnt think of a worse turn-off for proffesionals and just normal people. :slight_smile:

I’d love to see something like this, since I only really tinker with blender and yafray, rarely ever finishing anything and post when I have questions about my work or a feature.
A forum specifically for the tinkers among us would be great to show off those quick effect tests. Things like ways to do explosions, interesting material effects etc do kinda need their own forum.
The finished projects should be reserved for the really good stuff or set up a forum called “The Really Good Stuff” and poll whether a finished project should enter it…

Umm… starting to enter into a bit of aramble but you get a yé from me.
Perhaps put this idea in an actual poll thread.



Good idea. But entries to the “really good stuff” forum would have to be accepted by an admin or whatever, to make sure they’re not crap.

Hmmm, for serious small time stuff then yes, but it’s -IMHO- a waste of elysiun bandwidth, thus time and the all important ‘$’.

If you want people to talk about your latest little thing I highly suggest making abother channel at freenode or use blenderchat.

Please convince me why we need it. :-?

surely anyone can see that it’s really getting overcrowded in the finished artwork section.
is it because people post there to soon and their posts should belong in the WIP section or because blender released another official version and people want to test the new features…

i think people don’t find their way to chatboxes, maybe because it’s to direct or they think it’s to complex. anyway, free speech is a right so i think it’s not correct that posts will get moderated just to keep the finished artword section a lill organized.

Free speech? This is not a government website. We have privelegs around here, not rights!
But what has posting inapropiate stuff / posting in the wrong forum to do with free speech anyway?
And organization adds worth to this site, chaos lessens it.

I don’t think the amount of “serious” projects is big enough to fill the finished projects forum.
So I’m in favour of just letting things stay as they are right now.


Free speech? This is not a government website. We have privelegs around here, not rights![/quote]
I’m sorry, i guess my choice of words was a bit bad :-?
what i meant was: if the finished artwork was more devided and better defined, users can still post “whatever” they want without polluting more serious sections

so i guess we have the same thoughts about it :wink:

yé! yé! yé! lol. Sounds like a good idea to me.

put me down for a… umm… YES!!!

That sounds cool… :smiley:

if we are going to have a ‘Small Projects’ forum, it should definitely be up to the submitter which forum their work goes in. Obviously they would post their work in the forum they chose, but we should avoid the
‘If you post your work in Finished Projects and its not a serious project we will delete it because we dont want rubbish on our site’ attitude that i have seen on forums for other apps.

Not a bad idea, and in addition, or as an alternative, I would suggest clearly labelling each piece in the title, like when I put up the misty stream, and labelled it ( effect/anim ) so nobody would download it with the expectations of it being an animated short or some such thing. We could have one catagory for ‘cubes with interesting lighting’, one for ‘objects’, and one for ‘scene’, and yet another for finished animations.
Or how about just:
Finished-polished, and

Not a bad idea, and in addition, or as an alternative, I would suggest clearly labelling each piece in the title,

Like “character: Hot nude female”? I suspect that would be a common title:D