here is a new fps i am making it is going to be all run+gun action and stuff i have one room movement a weapon (no character yet though)
and simple AI wich i removed for the photos. C&C welcome

i used the realtime water script from the gamengine section.

not the image showing the water had green waer the water is now more bluish.

it is designed to be an old style castle that was built over a river that is used for their power and ither uses.

i am working on some real unique items.

the game is based in modern times however.

Nice, but that crosshair is waaaay too large. Other than that I like it.

I agree about the crosshair size, but all the other stuff looks pretty nice! I like the textures, and the gun looks great.

Looks pretty good so far, hope to see more.


anyone have ideas for an exterior?

exterior as in?

Looks really good so far. keep us updated.

PSST! we want a .exe or .blend mate! :wink:

Wow… nice.
Yes, .blend please :wink:

if you want to go for realism in the water, maybe make it brownish… usually water appears bluish if it’s reflecting the sky, (or loaded with toilet cleaner) and in this case it would be reflecting the stone around it. overall, looks cool!

i would post the blend but rocketsoft uploader is being crappy

you can email it to me and ill host it for you mate

[email protected]

well i got the file hosted but i lost the host code ill try again tomorrow im too lazy right now

I’ll wait patiently than :slight_smile: