New Free Texture Repository Online!

Hey all, just wanted to quickly share my free texture repository with more people in Blender community, . Let me know what you think! We’ve got many more texture photographs we’ll keep uploading. Any requests?

Sweet site! Ive got it bookmarked! :smiley:

Sweet indeed. Thanks fo sharing.

well we have a thread for some sky and world map
don’t know if you can do theses type of maps

the thread is limited to only around 20 maps and not much difference in scene

so it would be interesting to have more of theses for different scenes

hope you can add to this thread to give more choices

thanks for sharing

happy 2.5

Note a problem! We try to get new textures and stock up every couple days. I’ve been starting to research good sky maps and how to do them… So maybe it will lead me some where.

it would definitively be a plus to have more choices more Sky and angular maps

so hope you can find more of theses


Ok, I will start looking into some of the sky stuff! I’ve started to add some brush packs for Gimp and Photoshop.