New free textures site: wikitextures

I dont’ know if there is already a topic for this, I didn’t find it.
I found a new site of free textures. Just a free registration is required and allows 20 mb of download every day.

I dowloaded some textures and are very good, all 4000 pixels.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I didn’t look for long but they don’t seem to have any seamless textures. I’m I right about this? I’m probably just going to stick with They have more selection.

Thanks for sharing.

You can use all textures downloaded from this site ( for your personal free or commercial works. You have never the property of downloaded textures, you acquire the right (not exclusive) to use them in any permitted way.

It is prohibited, to copy, to distribute in any way (also as a part of a work, project, model, image or anything else can contain an image) to publish, to resell, to rent, to give in sub-licence or to lend products or parts of them, and any other resource of the site.

It is prohibited to create any by-product or transform original products to make them unrecognizable to deceive above-said rules.

Paragraphs 2 and 3 contradict paragraph 1. Fishy.

No they don’t… You can use the images in your projects, but you can’t redistribute packs of them or alter the images to try to pass them off as your own to sell in a pack. Pretty standard texture policy.

Great! Thanks for sharing, nice resolution pictures! :smiley:

Yes, they do.

Paragraph 2 prohibits to use a texture for a material (totally or in part) for a redistributable blend/obj/whatever (you are redistributing it, right?). They only thing that license allows is to create renders using those textures and even then you have to make sure that the render does not give away too much of the texture (e.g. a flat, camera facing render of a texture would be an explicit violation of paragraph 2).

May be it is not their intention, maybe this is a glaring example of the saying “when you are yourself lawyer you have an idiot for client” and in this case they would be much better served using standard, real lawyer drafted, licenses like CCs.

No, it’s just not a very permissive license.

Hey, use your cameras, not that difficult.
Of course, you have to make them seamless which is also not that difficult.
Paragraph 3 prohibits to transform these “photos” to seamless, to mix them with anything, to do all the hard work and still not having rights on it. All the hard work! Fair? OK. So, I’m saying, get your own photos…

One of my best buys was a ~120 Euro Canon compact camera.

Do I need concrete textures? the next time I am in a mall parking lot I take out the camera and shoot. Afterwards GIMP and Genetica.

No money to spend, no stupid home-grown copyrights (Kruger-Dunning, legal edition) no doubts about ownership.

I’m struggling to understand the license as well, can I sell banners that are made from parts of these images, or shirts (as in, a background)? I’m lost

OK, this license is a mess.
I tried one of these textures, cropped it as square, (I also had to edit perspective of the lenses), made it seamless as possible* (Ps), I could post result here. As I said, this license is a mess though.
*seamless is the easy part, to have non visible tiles as possible is more complicated and takes some tests.

Well I was actually mistaken, it’s not as restrictive as it sounds. I contacted the owner of the site, and the license is worded in such a way as to prohibit massive downloading and redistribution, not to prohibit users from doing anything useful with the textures.

When in doubt, ask. Chill, guys!

They only thing that license allows is to create renders using those textures

I think that’s right

and even then you have to make sure that the render does not give away too much of the texture (e.g. a flat, camera facing render of a texture would be an explicit violation of paragraph 2).

I don’t think that’s right. Well, if you just “render” a direct view of the image, that’s obviously just a dumb way of trying to get around the prohibition on redistributing the texture. I don’t see how that’s any more restrictive than not redistributing the image as-is.

This is still pretty useful, although not for people who want to sell models.

And here is the problem with legalese. The exact intention of the author doesn’t come across in the text. The license is worded in such a way that it requires person to person contact to understand the bounds of the license.

Thanks for sharing really cool site !

In the legal field, the intention is what is written, full stop. Common sense, decency, ethics have nothing to do with legality.

In that license, the only thing you can do is to use those textures to create renders provided that the resulting image is mangled/warped/thing-ied enough to make the texture pratically unrecoverable.

The solution is simple: the owner of that site selects an appropriate CC license and prohibits mass downloads from his site.

Every discussion in this forum devolves into debates about words that are usually completely tangential to the topic at hand.

Love. It.

When the issue is a license agreement, words are the only topic.

Avoid these “free textures”. These photos I mean because they can’t considered as textures or “free” textures.
Lot of work is needed to turn them to workable textures. These are just photos, and not really free.
As I mentioned above, I can convert them to seamless and less visible tiled textures.
However, I can’t share them with you.
Well, a camera isn’t expensive, use your own photos, it’s easier, healthier and friendlier to a blender community.