New Friend

Hello, everyone! My grandmama was happily surprised when I did something cheerful ahah (●⌒∇⌒●) you can check out my ArtStation to see what I mean :>
I wanted to make something joyful to look at, children’s game vibe. I had The Fox and the Crow story in my mind but decided to change the narrative.
I used Zbrush for sculpting, Substance Painter for coloring the fox, and other things (like Retopology, Normals, Rigging, Animation, Rendering) were in Blender.

Final animated result at the end of the process video



Are there any adults who would play a game with such graphic? :sweat_smile:
The next character is a fox with wings. Yuup.

Looking forward to your feedback! Let me know that I can improve.
Thanks for watching! :white_heart:


Lovely scene.
I follow all your nice timelapse.


Thank you! =)

I dunno, I really like your “darker” stuff :slight_smile: Each and every image makes me wonder what the character is thinking that he/she’s not saying… In any case, it’s another wonderful image.

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Ooh, so nice :blush: Thank you!

Amazing! I really like the style!

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Thank you! :white_heart: v :white_heart:

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :white_heart: :blush:

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I still say your cat image counted as cute and happy (cats are just naturally smug when happy), but this one is amazing too. Such a cute little fox.

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Thats a fantastic work. Well done!

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I would play a game with such graphics! :laughing: I don’t see why adults can’t enjoy childlike whimsical things like this, while I do like my “darker” stuff, I’m often more drawn to fantasy whimsical kinda art.

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It’s funny that I always recognize your artworks before even seeing the author. You do have a signature in your pieces. :slight_smile:


This is truly great.

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@Nanoglyph oh, thank you so much! I feel like the cat turned out to be a bit dangerous looking :sweat_smile: So nice that you remember him! :flushed: :white_heart:

@Erik.3D Thank you! ^>^)

@ArtAvenue It warms my heart to know that :blush: Thank you!

@Mauricio_Heberle ahaha :sweat_smile: I think it’s because you’re very attentive to detail! But this is really nice to hear, thank you! :blush: :white_heart: :white_heart:

@ECropp Thank you! :>>

great job!!!

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Cute scene. Gave a look at your portfolio on ArtStation; you’ve got a pretty definite style for characters. Really neat.

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@Yewmint @kabu Thank you! ^ v ^ :white_heart: