New from Tangent Animation: Next Gen. Is this Bender?

I will say this: Netflix has a pretty good track record for high quality content. Weather or not they produce it or buy the rights, they seem to have pretty good taste when it comes to putting their name on it. I don’t want to get my hopes up to high but they paid 30 mil to secure the rights for western audiences. That’s got to say something.

Watch this video:

They mention that the only software they use outside of Blender is Avid. They also mention that they wrote a more efficient 2D motion blur node so that indicates to me that they’re using Blender for comp at least in some capacity.

One of the main things they really hit home in the video is that they are using the money they would have spent on commercial software and spending it on software development. So, that’s pretty cool.

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As Stefan Werner was working (or still contributing to Blender code-base) for TA, integrated Cryptomatte and brought into a state of production level, among other integrated tools TA is creating in-house… I believe, they are quite invested in Blender-compositing tool’s capability of handling any such raw files for later post-productions.

And it’s quite possible they might be using other compositing tools in concomitance with Blender as their main app.

When dog started talking in the end, i was like- Wat?! Its a fantasy with robots or its a mutant pet? Overal looks cool. Too bad trailer has such low bitrate, i wana gaze onto this rocket explosions in maximum posible quality.

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I really cant wait for every one to see this! I’ve been waiting for this thread for a long time :slight_smile:

I dont think so, unless there was something before Ozzy, they have been using and supporting blender since inception!

Actually in the 2016 BlendCon vid (linked above in the comments), they did say that they had one last production that was just wrapping up as Ozzy was released that still used Maya but that after that, they weren’t going to be using it anymore.

So… the story is a mashup of ‘Big Hero 6’ and that Futurama-episode in which Mom causes all robots to rebel (‘Mother’s Day’)… But well, it’s not like I really expected sth. original.

Nice visuals though, congrats to Tangent.

greetings, Kologe

Has Tangent Animation made any public comments about it? Kind of odd to have completed a feature length film that Netflix picked up for 30million and not so much as a Tweet or Blogpost about it. I wonder what the deal is.

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I’m sure they have to be hush hush about it till the legal team is done with the contracts. I’ll bet there are a few Tangent people reading this right now biting their lip hard trying not to break NDA. :wink:


Daaaaanng this looks good. I know some of you are tempted to watch this trailer without sound cause it isn’t in English but resist that urge and put your headphones on.

Thanks so much for posting this Chris! You rock!

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Thanks from me as well. Awesome to see it at last. How exciting.

All the best.

more of blender :heart:

is something in the trailer that i dont like ,animation was poor i mean compared to agent 327
also facial expresions was poor compared with other animation movies ,why is that hapening? blender its not enough capable for this?

Could you be more specific? I didn’t notice anything in particular that looked bad or off-putting. That being said, don’t be so quick to pin things on Blender - bad animation can also be because of bad animators.

I do really like this trailer. Can’t watch it with sound right now unfortunately, but it gives me Big Hero 6 vibes.

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I can’t talk too much about the movie prior to its release, but I can confirm a few things on the technical and production side.

As people surmised, this is indeed 100% Blender for the core work, including Cycles for all rendering, supplemented with other software in a few areas, specifically:

  1. Substance Painter and Photoshop were used for a good chunk of the surfacing and texturing work, with Blender paint tools used for the balance
  2. Houdini and Fume FX were used to generate VDB and Alembic data for import and render in Cycles. Stefan Werner and Luca Rood (who did a fantastic job on improving the cloth sim in Blender that was used heavily in NextGen) worked on adding proper support for VDB voxel data, and improving the Alembic support, including importation and exposing attribute data for use in Cycles material networks

On the development side:

  1. Stefan also did some incredible work on volumetric rendering efficiency, adding the Intel Embree core to Cycles, and generally improving the Cycles renderer for user on NextGen. Render times were extremely reasonable and manageable, even with full 3D blur and in-camera DOF used throughout the film
  2. We added a number of other features to Blender to benefit the film, such as support for Cryptomattes (we render everything in camera, so Cryptomattes are a godsend in compositing), improved animation features, and a variety of other features in various areas of Blender

Tangent itself has never been a Maya studio, though a previous incarnation of the studio used Maya. I was one of the first animators to work on Maya at the R&D phase back in 1994-1998, and I’ve utilized Maya as the core piece in 5 different pipelines in various studios, so to switch to Blender is a big deal for us. The ability to redirect spending from commercial software to custom development is huge for our projects.

We will be working with the Blender Institute on re-incorporating our changes into Blender where possible, as we believe that it’s important for the community at large, and we welcome others to improve on the work we’ve done so that we can benefit from those improvements on our upcoming films.


Thanks for the information use Tangent Animation blenders compositor because last time i tried cryptomatte it was not compatible with fusion.

I completely disagre. You’re entitled to your own opinion but I love the animation style. The facial animation was one of the first things I liked about it. Not sure what it is that you’re seeing.

You asked if there was some problem with the animation tools that was preventing it from looking good yet you think the Agent short looks good. So if the Agent short looked good then how could it be an issue with Blenders animation tools?


And you’re really not just making this up? Who are you?