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(Paul_C) #1

Hi Guys… it’s been a while between posts. Mainly work getting in the way of blendering (what a sin!) I just wanted to see if this link to my new clips gallery worked for you guys. I have a few old and see before mpegs and mov files here… please comment if you feel like it, but I mainly want to know the links work! I will paste the link below just in case. GIve me a holler right here for any problems!

Ever the cheap one,

Paul C

(sten) #2

sorry…it seems it is not possible to access the movies :frowning:

(Paul_C) #3

Bugger… dagnammit… barbara streisand… :x :x :x

Will figure something out…

(Paul_C) #4

:x Hey dudes, try the link today. Can you be more specific? DOes the link work, but not the MPGs? or does the page itself not appear (ie: error page)?

Trying to figure why I can see it on other computers and no one else can. I am gonna call my page “Milko” soon…

(Vanje) #5

It all works fine for me. It may just be taking too long to load for some?

(Atariman) #6

The page loaded for me, but the movie links seem to be bad. I’m on a T1 line and I can’t get them to load.

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(The_Enigma) #7

It works for me, (i.e the page loads, and I can download the movies)

Can’t think why it wouldn’t work for others… :-?

(Paul_C) #8

Now what do you guys think of the content?

SO glad you guys can see it. All the stuff you see there is about six months old. I made this page as a testing ground for the REALLY cool stuff I’ve been working on. Hold on to your hats and things, 'cause CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT is coming.

(Paul_C) #9

Hi guys. Added two newer tests I compressed for web today: a bone/hand test, and a jumping character.

Here is the link to the gallery:

And the links to the individual files:

Suggestions welcome!