New Game....My best yet!

(jrt) #1

Hope you like this one. I’ve put quite a lot of effort into it. I thought I’d post the theme to give you an idea of what it’s about. Even if the type of game doesn’t appeal, it’s worth checking out just for the scene. I think it looks quite realistic. It also shows how much you can get out of a 77k image.

It’s in .blend format and runs at around 30 frames a second.(533KB zipped)


You are the driver of a Skidoo Train selling and delivering explosives tothe mining community on the Island of Goldigun. The owner of the local explosives factory is aware of your reputation for being a little reckless when it comes to handling dangerous cargos (such as just tossing them over the miners fences and hoping for the best!) therefore he has taken to making you pay for the merchandise upfront.(No cash, no Merchandise!) It costs you 50 dollars for each case, this can be turned into 200 dollars per case when delivered. He has been generous enough to start you off with 4 cases. The rest is up to you!

The minors also don’t trust you very much either, they won’t hang around when a delivery is due, instead they leave an illuminated sign on their buildings when they require some explosives, this will go out when the delivery is complete. The cases are colour coded so you don’t get mixed up. (The wrong consignment will result in disaster!) They have a very good credit transfer system on the Island, the payment is transferred to your account immediately.

Unfortunately your life is no bed of roses, for not only are there many bumpy roads(which can cause the explosives to blow up), swamps, quicksand etc, there are also many outlaws in the hills waiting to ambush you. The good news is, you have a large gun to defend yourself and unlimited ammunition. There’s 100 dollars reward on the head of each outlaw so it can be quite profitable if you manage to get the better of them.

You are lucky in the fact you have 5 lives, but these only apply to being struck by exploding shells. If you drive into rocks, buildings, snow drifts, swamps, quicksand or any other such hazard, you die immediately!

The cases of explosives have to be placed inside the perimeter fences of the miners properties.There are 12 delivery points. The game is finished when you have completed all 12.(that’s when you’ve found them of course, it’s a very large Island!) The scenery is quite breath taking, especially when seen from the top of a mountain.

Download here:-

Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!


(digitalSlav) #2

great game although the stats not being parented to the camera is a little desorrienting. and you always have 5 lives? backing up is extremely hilarious :slight_smile: not bad for those itty bitty images. great game for the size.

keep em coming!

(jrt) #3

Thanks tmtechie. The stats are parented to the camera though, maybe it’s
what the camera is parented to that makes it move. I’ve tried parenting it to the Skidoo but that doesn’t look right at all.

Thanks for the comments,


(jrt) #4

Oh btw tmtechie, I don’t understand what happened with the lives but they work fine for me, only when you’re hit by bullets though.(That’s how I set it up)

Thanks again,


(jrt) #5

Have improved the camera. It’s now parented to a different position and I changed the slow parent settings. It’s easier to keep track of the enemies now and you can see better where the gun is aiming.

These things certainly need a lot of testing! It’s easy to understand how some games and programs take such a long time to develop.


(digitalSlav) #6

ah i see with the lives now although you should change it to LIFE instead of lives - lives is usually how many tries you get until it’s game over. once again nice work. how can i get it to reload the bombs? doesn’t seem to work.

(S_W) #7

Great work jrt! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m looking forward to some new levels :wink:

(jrt) #8


tmtechie, You get the new cases of explosives with the 1 2 3 4 keys on the
main keyboard, but they only work when you have money in your account. They cost $50 each so you must have at least 50 showing in your account. I guess you’re right about the ‘Lives’ to ‘Life’. (just something else to alter! HeHe!) I just uploaded another version a few minutes ago because I added a bit to the image with the Gunman on and forgot to ckick on ‘Tile’, so the animation stopped working. Maybe one day I’ll get it right! Thanks for trying it again.

S_W, Thanks for the comments. New levels? humm…That’s something to think about!

Thanks again guys.


(saluk) #9

Pretty awesome! Kind of hard to figure out what to do though, the world is big and I can’t find any houses to put the explosives in? Still, it’s very nice, your best yet! I like how you do the train with each car following the next one, works very well.

(jrt) #10

Thanks saluk, you’re a gentleman… Keep lookin’, they’re all out there!


(gorgan_almi) #11

Great game jrt! :smiley:

Yeah the train cars are very kool, quite simply done yet very effective. I like it. Quite a sensitive issue though, terrorists and bombs and all that. What made you choose that as a theme?


(jrt) #12

Hi gorgan_almi,

Glad you liked the game. Just like to point out though that it isn’t about terrorists and bombs! The theme is about delivering explosives to miners who are digging for gold, hence the name of the island, ‘Goldigun Island’ and the factory being ‘Goldigun Explosives Factory’. The guys running around with guns are supposed to be outlaws.
A crazy mix of past and modern I guess. Sorry if my mind’s a bit weird, but I’m certainly not interested in terrorists and the like!

I’ll try to be a little more explicate in future, or I’m liable to get myself hung! Thanks again for trying the game. Got to go now. New levels to think about!

Cheers jrt.

(doogs) #13

I like the concept but make it a bit more fast paced. Also i really like how you made the maps!!! But maybe you could make it more texture detailed so youre not just sledding along on a bunch of color blobs close up?

(jrt) #14

Hi doogs,

Thanks very much. My initial idea was to have more enemies attacking you, like a bunch of Indians firing arrows and some kind of beast at the top of the mountain, but I was keeping an eye on the frame rate and trying to make it stay around 30fps.

I had 16 places to deliver to originally but it dropped down to 25fps, so I took 4 out and forgot about the extra enemies as well. That’s the only problem with making the image more detailed, it would have to be higher resolution and I would most likely end up with the same difficulties. Maybe I could reduce the deliveries again and bring in more enemies.

Or I suppose I could speed up the gunmen and make them fire more bullets and possibly have the skidoo travel a bit faster. Mind you, I think it would be hard to keep the cargo in the wagons with the roads being so bumpy. Perhaps I’ll introduce a second boost key to take you into warp factor 3, then people can use it at their own risk!

I guess my main problem is, unlike you I’m not very advanced with Python yet. (BTW I just checked out your Super Smash Blaster, very clever stuff! makes me quite envious! ) Still I’ll get there. Trouble is I get so involved making games and don’t allow enough time for studying.

It’s good to get other people’s comments, as you tend to only see things from your own prospective otherwise. Also games need a lot of testing to see where they’re lacking and to find the bugs.

Thanks again for taking the interest.