new game, please help me with moving textures

Hi I am making a F.P.S called hellfire, were a pirate gets sent to hell for all the bad things and has to escape.
How do you make moving water and fire textures? (please go easy on me, i’m only 14yrs old)

by the way, here is a screenshot of the first scene were you go sailing:

Pirat escape from Hell … impressive! I like Concepts away from the Mainstream. :smiley: The Shoot look great. Very hot and evil. Really good!

You have a couple of Possibillities:

  1. The new GLSL Shader since 2.41. My Advice, if you want to learn for the Future. Not only for Texture, also for Mesh Animation. There are some Demos here for download.

  2. Blenders UV-Animation Function. An easy Way for cinematic animated Textures. Set the Mesh Face to Animate to “Tiles”, move the Mouse to the UV-Editor with the used Texture is displayed, and Hit the N-Key. Search the Forum if You need Help here. Here is an 2.25 Doku. (Looks different, but works the same. Now You find this Buttons in the N-Key Menue.)

  3. Animation per Python Script. Also an easy Way to do, because there are some good and Newbie-friendly Scripts around. But very Resource hungry, and allways the last Choice to do an Animation. You find Some some Demos here for download.

I hope this will help You. Keep working on that Project. … I like that Idea really! :smiley:


14 years old?? You’ve an epic style!!
Looks great

Hey Doc!!
Your scripts and demos are great too!!
Now, I just need to learn German :slight_smile:


Hey, yeah. Nice demos. Nice links. Thanks.

Now, I just need to learn German

Babelfish is a much shorter way. Does a pretty good job, too.

Oh yeah! We are at Shool the whole Life. :smiley: Thanks for your Opinions. But don’t Panic. Only the Page is German. The Files are mostly documented in english or both.

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No need to Thank chrisspoi, we are always glad to help. %|