New Game Project -Plazma Vortex-

Hello everyone,

I would like to make a game similar to the system of Counter Strike 1.6, but in the future. I know for Titanfall, but we can also make lot of characters, exo-suits, weapons, equipments and armors… If you have ideas please inform me on my gmail ([email protected]) or here as the reply. If you dont have any ideas check out online games like Raze, Plazma Burst 2 and others... I need some persons that can do next: -someone for modeling characters (I can make sketch for characters from wanted angles and send it to you) -someone for modeling weapons and small objects (It would be good to have objects which fall when you hit it (Skyrim)) -someone or few persons for modeling terain (we need big but not too big terain, just like in Modern Warfare 2) -someone with experience in logic (I have some ideas for solutions in blender game engine logic but I dont have XP)
Find me on facebook if you want me to send you some my drawings and sketches…
Also I might figured out the secret of the Portal gun in Portal (maybe!)…

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Hello Dabog, your team project sounds interesting ; It might take you a bit of time, but got to start somewhere, right !
You can download 3D assets such as the ones you are looking for on the website.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: