New game screens

I started working on this yesterday after I finished a little 2-d racing game that i probably put in this new one on a little arcade machine.
I just got these screenshots on tonight, tell me what you think and what i should change.

Looks real cool, but what kind of game is it? Is it adventure, sim, rpg??? looks nice, I must say again ! :o

Looks cool! :slight_smile:
I like the way you created the ocean and the horizon. Did you use some mist or how did you do it…?

Awesome! Looks really interesting and inviting. Love the ocean’s look.

Very nice work!!!

My only crit is that in one of those shots, the huts look a little too dark and shadowed for such a brightly lit day on an ocean island…
But other than that, its looks very sweet!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Wow! alot of really great comments!
the ocean is only two planes, the top one revolves 360 degrees slowly, shame i can’t get the zip on here yet.
The horizon is just a light blue world, and I set quite a low draw distance for the camera to blur the background out.
It’s not really a game yet, my character is just a white cube at the moment but it will probably be an adventure/rpg, when i et better at character modelling and python. The buildings are dark because of where the sun is positioned, it has a day and night feature (if you could call it that) the sun is midday at 6000 frames and back to sunrise at 12000, it looks good actually but it’s a little too fast, anyone know any python scripts to make a clock in game??
Thanks for looking at it! :smiley:

Well it looks and sounds like a very cool game!

Looks nice. textures are good.
I think the shade of houses needs more briteness. Because in case of that scene, that houses are lighted from all around.(Global Illumination)

You can make a timer property at an object(like player). this property has a value of the second(float).

if you want to show it like a clock, you can use this code.(timer is your property of the timer)

cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
owner = cont.getOwner()
owner.Text = "H:%02d' M:%02d S:%02d %02d" % (owner.timer/3600,

If you want to make analog clock, You can rotate each hand of the clock with each value.

edit: owner.text -> owner.Text
(for the text texturing.)

Thanks for the comments, and the script.
How would i set that up? When i say im not good at python I mean i’ve only done one thing and messed it up completely (mouse script)
Anyone still have the address for that site that teaches you python, i lost it.

He, no it’s a good time to ask about clocks. Is there a way to make a virtual clock, when you walk 5 minutes (real time) trough a game, there will 1 hour gone in the game (game time). It should be a usefull script for adventure developers. So is there a way to chance the script, and use it like I mean. :o

Use & edit this. :wink:

Thanks, but I got only one question left. The time begins at but what should I do to let it begin with 12.05.30, and left the miliseconds. because in a game, it’s not so realistic to start at 0 and the ,miliseconds are a bit useless. To let the timer start on a time like I want, do I have to change the script, or is this also posible to change it via logic bricks, like when you save the game or take a sleep, the time will got 3 hours forwards. A simple perview of what I want, is like they do In gta3 and gta vice city. :smiley: