new game that utilizing Blender

New game that uses Blender as modeling and level design tool, and Darkplaces engine as game engine:

Looks like a great concept, and all the basics for a great game are there.

It seems a bit slow paced however?

awesome, kinda retro style to it … I like the slow pazed shoot-em up… it makes it diffrent from flying in space and enemies attacks from above.

this is more sneakier… would be cool if you had a mouse crosshair to aim with, would make the aiming faster and game play also. now you have to strafe to aim

I like this type of games…this one looks very nice.

Awesome, reminds me of a game I used to play a lot, Tyrrian or something like that.

It does seem very slow paced, but I guess its early days anyway :rolleyes:

thank you guys!

aermartin: Some kind of cursors are coming (there has been a lot of additional features added since I created that video) :slight_smile:
Buttons: when you play it, it doesn’t feel slow, but we might speed it up a bit…