New Game

(Pooba) #1

Well, barely anybody posts games here, but I hope to get a little feedback.

I’m making a game right now, but I really do need some tips. You could tell me how to improve it, it would be great.

go to and download my game.


(blengine) #2

f*ckin wild! those camera distortions are so cool! howd u do that? it rocks, feels like a rollercoaster, makes me queazy in a good way =)…

as for the content…cool! but really hard to figure out which rocks to jump on a stuff, and i walked through a few rocks, lmao… really cool, nice textures… whats the game gonna be about and stuff? or are ya jus messing around??

(Yamyam) #3

Not bad. I think You can use mouse script for rotate views.

(Pooba) #4

Yeah, the mouse thing is was I was planning to do, but I don’t have one. Any place you know of where I can get one?

(gargola) #5

do you have 2 web pages?what happened to the other page,still up?

(Pooba) #6

Well, I do have two websites, but one of them I lost the password to when I reformated my hard drive (I had the file on my hard drive) so I got the other one

(Yamyam) #7

I think you know the nikolaTesla20’s script…