New Geo-Nodes Hair not following Rig

Hi there,
Just downloaded Blender 3.5 today and was trying out some of the new hair system functions.
I finally created a fluffy hood I liked and when I try to surface deform the parent object to the Jacket so it will follow the rig… It acts like it is rolling through an invisible texture… or based on the proximity to another object it will move on its own in the opposite direction. Not entirely sure whats causing the issue as I have never played with the new hair system until today…
This is a picture of what happens when I move the rig.

This is the Geo- Node set up. Mind you, this is something that was auto generated by blender itself.


This is the parent objects modifiers tab in case something here is setting it off.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Kaylee J

The solution to this problem was adding a surface deform geometry node at the top of the stack on the hair object.