New Ghost In The Shell Netflix WTF

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I just watched the pilot for the Ghost InThe Shell 2045. I was excited that they were doing something but this machinima style is completely soulless… which is ironic given the subject.

I don’t mind the environments, dynamics and physics, and most of the hard surface animation is pretty good, but the character stuff is so bland… the facial animations are minimal… like an old video game. I think worst of all because they are trying to go for naturalism, they lose all dynamism. Anime is expressive… Although the writing isn’t any where near the level of the series or the films so it’s a moot point.

Plus the opening sequence… money makes the world go round? What kind of song choice is that??

I started the post to ask a question on whether this is becoming a regular style now and ended up complaining.

What are your thoughts? It feels like it’s the early 90s again and it’s Lightwave and Babylon 5…

Babylon 5 looked better than this. Even Maxhead room looked better.


Funny you should mention that… Max Headroom popped into my head too. :rofl:

I blame it all on Netflix and Shinji Aramaki.
Netflix for pushing 3D and also for not giving them an decent budget to pull it off.
They probably also rushed the script, pushed for diversity characters and put the setting to America to “appeal” to the masses.
Aramaki is the kind of guy who drops the worst kind of bad techno music (or other bad music) in the background of an action scene to make it “more awesome”.
He is an shallow tryhard who has the most shitty taste in music, but he insists that he has to drown all action scenes with his audiovisual vomit.
I hate this guy, he already botched the Appleseed adaptation and now he makes GiTS worse by being involved in the production.

Also one characteristic of anime movies is that characters often have monologues especially when doing introspection or self-reflection. As for example if you haven’t watched the anime, go and find that scene in the boat and you will know what I am talking about.