New Godot Asset Store is online!

Hello everyone.

We are announcing the grand opening of the Godot Marketplace!

If you are a game developer or develop 3d applications, you may have heard of Godot. Godot is a game engine like Unity or Unreal - but it is open source.

So far it lacked a commercial Asset Store to provide a platform for complex or time consuming assets.

This changes today! Some of the revenue will be donated to the Godot project to support them and the development of the engine.

To celebrate the opening we are offering you 5 purchases from the vendor “VisCircle” for free!

Coupon Code: GDMPCELEBRATION (valid until 16th of March 2020)


That is excellent news, I really love this! Thanks a bunch for sharing it here!

I don’t see any 3d models on it yet.

Here are 3D models.