New Guitar Hero Clone

Does everyone remember “Guitar God”? Well, I quit working on that game a long time ago, after I had made some good progress on it.

Well, I have taken a little bit of a break from making games to learn how to do things in the GE. Since “Guitar God” I have learned a lot of new things (Including Python)

Since I know how to use the GE a little better now (Guitar God was very sloppy and unorganized. Not to mention the unnecessary amount of CPU power it wasted) I have decided to start a new Guitar Hero clone.
so I will use this thread for posting demos and other things for the game. And I will probably have something decent to show in a few days. ( I can’t really get much work done because of school. I only have a few hours of free time a day)

well, I finished the note scripts and a lot of the logic/programming for everything. I guess I will have a demo in a week hopefully

the streaky tunnel that the notes are coming from is a tunnel with a uv scroll on it. its really cool. it makes it kinda feel like you are flying through a tunnel while playing


Are you using python to make it so you cant just hold down all the keys? I can help you with that if you need it

Looks good, I never check out your guitar god thread though.

Do you use the keyboard to play the notes?

ya i’m using Python a lot. I’ve gotten it down to 6 logic bricks for each note. And I’ve made it so you cant cheat.

ill use emties to make my notes. and i’m writing my own music so i’m pretty sure I can split the song up into individual notes. So if you miss a note, the sound won’t play.
and i need to make the tunnel more vibrant. you can barely see it unless you are playing
EDIT never mind. i replaced the screenshot so you can see the tunnel

cool but you could get the logic bricks lower :wink:
I think I got mine down to 4
the tunnel looks awesome though, I’m looking forward to the demo

ya i figured out a way to get it lower. i would have to modify the note script a little. I don’t really feel like that right now. Plus, I’m working on 2 other projects right now

Me an kkewley are making a Guitar Hero style game too.

P.S. Kyle, GET ON AIM!!! I haven’t talked to you in like a month, but I really want to, but you’re never on.

my progress is getting very slow on this game. I mean working on 2 other projects and writing the music. It’s just that I’m really busy lately

cool work, I’m eager to check out the blend on this one, :slight_smile: