New Hope......

Hi again!

I just finished my new work…

all done i Blender and as usually postpro in Photoshop…

C&C are welcome!

There is a contest on a hungarian page, called “The ruined bridge”…
But you are published this picture, so you can’t submit to the contest…

This is very nice. A lot going on which I really like.

Great attention to detail on the bridge construction.

The lighting could be a little better to better simulate the time of day. Soem of the materials look a little plastic too, but that is all I can really see.

Great stuff.


Hey man, that’s awesome. Good attention to the detail.

High quality work, some minor corrections with the things mentioned above and you are fine.



Very very nice, although I don’t think rusty metal shines that much. :wink:

Ver nice modeling, I wouldn’t even know where to start modeling this picture. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice, Blitz! The deformation of the bridge parts is cool.

:o :o
What an amazing and awesone picture you’ve done!
It’s a very great thing for the blender’s popularity!
I hope i will see this one on the official gallery!

Very good, but lighting don’t look natural. It looks like lights in big studio. Maybe some AO could help?

Other than the obvious attention to detail and impressive vista that you’ve created here - something I find interesting - especially in light of the title - is the strange tree growing on the other side of the bridge.

What makes this tree really stand out is the lighting on it. It’s like the tree is glowing - or is bathing in the light of God or something.

And then you see the title - New Hope.

I’m probably seeing something that just isn’t there - but it’s almost like you’ve used the lighting and that very bizarre tree to symbolise hope on the other side of the broken bridge from where the soldiers are…like the other side of the bridge is the hope and they have to get to it by bridging the gap.

Anyway - that’s what I was thinking as I looked in it.

I really would have liked to have done something like that - maybe that’s my “new hope”.

Very nice overall. Thou one thing that strikes me as odd, is the shape of the tree. It looks abit like a creature of some type.

very good work! the composition is great and the picture is very detailed.
you surprised me that it got nothing to do with star wars :slight_smile: keep on - you make great works!


Nice job! Very well done, nice mood, but I agree with the others about the lighting…
Anyway, very nice, very different! You don’t see many renders like this around here! :smiley:

Caleb72: Yep.


Good attention to detail!

Very nice job overall!


Very original, and fitting title. :Z


Thanks for comments, they are very nice :slight_smile:

endi :that´s a pity, but I didn´t know about these contest :frowning:

Caleb72 : you see exactly idea of these scene!

some details:

wow! that is reallly reallly sweeeeet! good job, thats an awesome env.

I can honestly say that this impresses me alot. Its one of the most impressive images posted on here in a while.
Its grity and its powerful.
I see you have a great attention for detail, and this images really benifits from it. The vegetation on the bridge is great and the car model is superb, my only crit is like someone else said, that some of the materials look a bit plasticey. This might be due to your lighting or due to your material settings. I would love to see an edited version of this with slightly altered lighting and materials.

What is the total vert count for this at render time, it must be quite big.

Very well done, i see this is only your 11th post here on elysiun. Im sure i speak from all of us when i say welcome to the community.

I like this scene a whole lot! The mood is very good, as is the detail of modelling.

Keep up the good work!


great! lots of detail and an excellent composition!
the wrecked brdge is wonderful.

come on, change the picture with another one and enter the contest!
we won’t tell anything… :wink: