New icons for Blender 2.8

I sort of agree with you here - per icon is WAY too granular. Problem is, that a global HSV isn’t going to fix the problem that’s been presented. The issue is that the icons are hard(er) to differentiate when all the same colour & value; which is why colouring them was raised in the first place. A global HSV changes that colour/value from white to some other global, nondifferentiable colour keeping the problem.

There are two solutions to this as I see it. One I am working on (letting theme designers colour icons as they see fit) or having the icons grouped into categories and the theme setting the HSV attributes for each category. Personally, I prefer the idea of theme designers getting access to the icons themselves and doing what they see fit in graphics apps across the iconset; but I could see the point of BF devs going the category option if desired.


Decoupling would mean even more settings. Even now, not many people have patience to actually make their own theme given how much time it already takes. This would make it even worse.

And most Vray users actually hate it and wish it never existed, because quite a few settings which many people have to touch on day to day basis were actually hidden in advanced or even expert modes, so everyone actually ended up with everything turned on all the time. This solution would just give developer excuse to not maintain and update the theme system properly. The theme system has to be so good that the user won’t have a need to ever get into any advanced mode in the first place. If they do, then it’s not a good system.

Just take a look at those screenshots in my post above. If Blender UI theming worked and looked like that, the I doubt anyone would miss current theme setup.

I agree that primary and secondary icon colors could be simple enough.

I was talking about Blender’s theme system in general, which kinda grinds my gears for a while already. It was a reaction to someone above suggesting adding even more options to a theme setup which is so overloaded with options already that it’s borderline impossible to set up a theme in any reasonable amount of time.

Regarding colorizing just icons, I’ve actually made a proposal about it in this very thread few posts above:

Basically, I’d like icons to just have one base color and one accent color matching overall theme accent color, that’s it :slight_smile:


I expect it to include a UI and everything else needed to get it to a working state. Normally for code contributions the intent is to commit the patch as written by the contributor (after they made modifications from code review). Not to serve as a starting point for other developers.

In this case the code that takes the binary PNG data is already there as far as I can tell, hooking it up to the rest of Blender is where most of the work is.

I feel sorry for whoever is having to design the icon sets for 2.8 and make decisions on the icons if they are reading this thread - there are some decent suggestions scattered, but tons of absolutely terrible “too many cooks” ideas floating around too. Whoever has been implementing these so far has been doing a pretty good job, I think they should continue on their path.


Only the ones that are really needed ofc. Just think, why on earth the icons colors are controlled by the text colors?
Makes no sense.

Understood. I’ll need to look into how we add variables to the theme then, as that’s the container this will need to come from.

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Is that a mockup. I haven’t been keeping up with Unreal lately but if that’s what it looks like now what a drastic change in just a few months.

Edit: Nevermind just read the attached thread link. It looks really nice tho.

This is the first time I heard this. If you could give a link to back that up.

(and since you can choose to show everything automatically as expert view - then isn’t that like reversing ‘UI modes’ so it doesn’t exist ?)


This is what I like about Blender. That’s pretty cool you are willing to allow somebody to do this. I’m not a fan of monochrome like photoshop etc are doing, but I’ll get use to it I’m sure. I do like the color coding idea for specific items etc…

But the real reason I’m replying…Funny story… :joy:

I’ve used Maya since the 90’s (Just switched to Blender 1.5 years ago). Back in the day, a coworker always talked about how much he hated Anne of Green Gables. So I made a set of Anne of Green Gables themed icons quickly and swapped out his Maya icons with this set.

Maya’s icons weren’t obvious to get to so he had them on his computer the rest of the time he worked there. He got use to what icon corresponded to which function and continued to use Maya this way. Hahaha

This will open up so many possibilities now… :smile:


“It’s been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.”

― Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables



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I’m not sure if the proposal is just to customize the colors, or also so that designers can share icon sets and users can install them without having to compile and build Blender.
It would be ideal if Themes and icons could be shared separately, so users can mix different themes and icons. Then as an extra, of course if the user could also configure their own colors and tones it would be well come. But in general, users never do that, they simply rely on the good sense of good designers and they just use their designs.
In any case, @BTolputt, thanks for the effort! :slight_smile:


You have to click the heart on the heart locker icon!

Yeah? Well I still don’t like asparagus.


Tbh, I’d drop all this customization panic and stick with just a nice standard colored icons sheet png. :wink:


I’m going to work on the “users can install/use icons without having to compile and build Blender” functionality.


Now I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, more thinking out loud. But is it possible that doing so could result in a lessening of options?

What I mean is that if this functionality is primarily designed for end-users to easily swap out icon sprite sheets, then those might need to be easy to make. So all colors just simply embedded in the PNG. It might be asking too much to require that different classes of icon part be assigned to one of three color channels, for example.

That would mean that basically every theme would need a different icon file. And that file might have to have all of those 500 icons played with in order to get the effect needed for that theme. So it might be asking a lot of work for the theme creators.

On the other hand it is quite possible that the very next step in this process for this new icon set is to alter it and the icon-drawing code so that each icon can support more than one color and those colors can be easily overridden by the theme. That way the one icon file can be used for almost any theme, whether you want white icons, mono icons, or multi-colored icons.

The difference between the unreal UI and Blender is that Blender has far more icons and the Unreal icons are much bigger.

Color is important because if they are all the same color, the brain has to decode each shape as it cannot make a quick scan based on color and basic shape.


I understand your feelings on this. I personally would prefer your layered / colour-coded solution and then allowing for the icons to be drawn with theme-specified colours at runtime.

Thing is, brecht has stated that he is willing to accept a custom icon sheet patch - not a layered solution patch. You’ve been around long enough to know there is only so far I/we can push feature changes and so I take what I can get.

FWIW, whilst an extra fiddly step, a “base” icon-set image with your colour-coding could be still made and then a split/multiply/merge action of some form applied in a graphics app to get what you want “pre-baked”. Yes, not as good or end-user configurable as your initial suggestion but, again, brecht has laid down the rules of what he’ll accept - we have to work within those confines to get what we want.