New icons for Blender 2.8


(EdgeMaster) #2404

I thought that top preview icon was a crystal ball.

(Rangiz) #2405

Why no one is hearing users which don’t like monochromatic icons? Is that hard to make 2 sets of it? Or even better to have 2 options between old ones, and new monochromatic?

I like the monochromatic, nice design, nice looking, but this isn’t an exhibition in the art gallery. The truth is they are unreadable. Normally I was just clicking the option and voila. Now I need to STARE at it.
I’m using Blender for about 10 years now, and I really don’t like to use it with monochromatic icons, I’m working on it, not playing around to waste time, to search for an option because everything looks the same.

Blender should be a tool to work with, not an eye-candy in the first place.

(jendrzych) #2406

Is that hard to make 2 sets of it? Or even better to have 2 options between old ones, and new monochromatic?

Generally it’s not a problem at all. Just a matter of time/money resources. Some details here:

(ChinoDefton) #2408

I must be one of the few who actually love the new icons. The concept and designs are brilliant. Sure they are different than before but the more I’ve interacted with them the more comfortable I become with the change. Blender 2.8 looks amazing and the new icons are a big reason for that. I suspect with a little bit of time and adjustment most people won’t want to go back to the old designs. I know I don’t.

(jendrzych) #2409

Update time!
Details in first post.

(Harley) #2410


Just updating this earlier mockup since so many icons changed in it…

2.8 Outlined/Coloured Icon Adaptation
(Dorro) #2411

Readability is fine when the silhouettes/shapes of adjacent icons are sufficiently different. My sympathies @jendrzych, tweaking the icons sounds a bit like trying to paint pinstriping on your custom hotrod while the fabricators are still busy with body mods (obligatory car analogy) or styling Ursain Bolt’s do while he chases gold (obligatory sports analogy).

(Lsscpp) #2412


A little tweak on particles: the current one resembles too much (again) the three-axis concept IMO
A revamp of the old physics icon, since the new one doesn’t comunicate the concept, IMO

(Charlie) #2413

…or maybe just a little movement for the particles?


(noki paike) #2414

I like the rendering and material icon … I can understand it more easily…
the rendering icon is obviously a printer …
the ball bulb reminds me of the material preview

(Alessio Monti) #2415

In the addons tab this is the current situation (the community ones were using an old pose icon that has been removed):


I would propose to use something like this: 001514

(jendrzych) #2416

The volumetric flask is actually reserved for Volume File icon. But maybe the Volume File could get something completely different, since the flask is kinda associated with experiments?
The officialy accepted addon could get some kind of certificate icon…

(Alessio Monti) #2417

I knew it was reserved for something else but I did not remember what is particular, anyway yes to me the link between the flask and “experimental stuff” is stronger than the one with volume, I’m thinking about an alternative for the volume file but it’s quite difficult, maybe something like this?

Regarding the official ones imo the blender logo is clear enough, it gives the idea that those are the ones directly supported by the BF.

(Joshua Smith) #2418

I still don’t think the shader ball works for the material tab

(jendrzych) #2419

The current solution assumes that the Material, Texture and Lookdev icons share a factor - a chessboard pattern. It emphasizes that all these icons belong to one semantic family.
Although the ball with a rim used for material preview looks good on the Properties Editor tabs, in my opinion it does not work as a Material pictogram in Outliner. It looks too specific.
So, I share Notformortaleyes’ point of view.

(jendrzych) #2420

This says “I’ve a countable volume” and it is not strictly associated with a crazy scientist:

And theese (old concepts) reesembles volumetrics:
volume_1 volume_0

(ManuelGrad) #2421

Love these! Captures the essence of what volumetrics in blender are without being too specific what for.

(jendrzych) #2422

I’ll stick with the latter one, since it is complementary to the 3’rd party 3D data file icon:

(jendrzych) #2423

That’s the last Add menu with no icons.

Time about to fill this gap:

BTW @William - shouldn’t the Image Empty be available as single option? Best if it existed only outside the Empties menu, to emphasize its uniqueness.

(William) #2424


For images, the plan is that there will be three types: Image Plane, Reference Image and Image Empty