New icons for Blender 2.8

48x48 icons for the File Browser were already added. They’re in the uploaded *.svg with small icons, but outside the paper space. I made just three of them (the Folder, the Folder with “go up in hierarhy” icon and a generic File, because the already readymade small icons can indicate type of a file, the way I depicted in this proposal: LINK. Actually just like it’s done right now. All is needed is to add backdrops (circles) under small icons, to make them visible against light thumbnails.
I uploaded the separate *.svg with big icons, but all specific filetypes share the same icon (an empty sheet of paper), for the reasons mentioned above.

Right, I know, but it seems like Blender doesn’t use those - these are stored in a separate file. It uses the one I posted above.

The separate*.svg file is ready to download. First post.


Last minute tweak and the *.svg update - Heart icons are more curvy now.


New icons for the Image ObData has landed in the sheet in the first post.


Hello William and designed an icon for the Blender 2.8 Folders

I think it was very good for me. It is done in Adobe Illustreitor if you like repode this message and sent you the .AI


the new icons are looking great, but one question, how did this snuck in?maybe just a temp.

@William - are You aware ot this bug?

No idea - it seems to be some kind of bug in the way we use Git or something? On my end it doesn’t look like that. This seems to happen whenever we draw a new icon on top of an old one, with a different name, this problem happens. Really bizarre. I don’t know why it happens like that - I’ll try and investigate.

Here it looks correct:

Edit: We have the same problem with the Driver types, where old, incorrect icons show up, even though they are not even in the icon sheet. I’m at a complete loss - no idea whatsoever how that is even possible. I just doesn’t make any sense :slight_smile:



This becomes even more strange - previous build from daily Build Bot (git.9a1796797e8-windows64 21.11.2018) looks like this:

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I really cannot understand where these old icons are coming from :slight_smile: They are not even included with Blender, and their names are no longer used.


I just compiled Blender 2.80 a few seconds ago and get this:


I have old icons in “blender/blender/release/datafiles/blender_icons.svg”
I’m not sure if you were referring to it.

Gah! They are taking over! :stuck_out_tongue:


Those icons don’t exist in blender_icons.svg

Do not even dare to blink!!!

maybe the *.dat are still there?

Is not this the icon that appears in properties editor?

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding things, I really have no idea how this works.

But they have new names, so they are new .dat files that have been regenerated. I don’t get it

That is the icon yes, but what you have there is an outdated blender_icons.svg