New icons for Blender 2.8

For things like toggles, this is already possible, and has been for a long time. The screenshot is from 2.8, it’s not a concept or mockup.

My confusion is because theming is so terribly complicated. Isn’t it?


Unanswered question:

After all, the icons already exist.

Some of them do, but so much has been reorganized/renamed/rethought that you’d have to redesign something like a third of all the icons (pulled that fraction out of you-know-where).

I personally believe that the request to have an icon for every command and object in a vast program like Blender is counterproductive, even if the aesthetic need for coherence would like it.

An entire set of icons is comparable in vastness to an essential dictionary of kanji, and learning to distinguish each one of them is not a small undertaking; If we add that the icons are monochromatic and flat, it becomes really difficult.

jendrzych climbed on the mirrors to invent an icon for each item and he did a great work, but we must learn to distinguish them.

Fortunately recognizing the various items in the menus and palettes is favored by their relative positions, but this is true even in the absence of the icons.
So in the beginning you have to learn the icons associated with the individual commands, and when you become familiar with the UI the icons stop being important almost everywhere.

I even go so far as to say that, beyond the aesthetic factor, the alternation of commands with and without icons in menus and panels could even benefit the search for commands.

I don’t wanna be that person but I was looking at this recently and you just commented this a day ago, but in in 2.49 icons could be totally personalized.

The only themes that seemed to have survived to this day are these two.
I’m curious about the second one cause it resembles 2.5-2.79 icons more than the default 2.49 ones.

From July 2019:

I agree, and we now have evidence that the old icons can be spotted in a crowd about twice as quickly as the new ones.


It had been studied:


That supports the factor of 2 that we saw in our informal test here on BlenderArtists. Thanks for the reference and independent validation.

This topic has approximately 3,300 posts - roughly half on each side of the issue (about a dozen are mine). For whatever reason, many people care passionately about this subject. If you’ve got 3,300 posts about anything, it’s worth taking notice.

It’s disappointing that all of these posts and all of this gnashing of teeth could have been avoided by simply making the icon sets user-selectable. By now, someone would have filled in any icons missing from the old set, and several other people would have come up with whole new fun themes of their own (in addition to the old and new sets). Everyone would have something they liked and this topic (3,300 posts) would be about designing and sharing cool new icon sets. That’s the creativity that you unleash with choice, and it’s the greatest thing lost without it.


There was a Blenderartists user who wanted to make a patch. I am not sure what happened to that. Perhaps it has just not been reviewed yet.

Yes, I think customization is the answer.

I’m sorry for arriving late to this party. I tried an early version of 2.80 and didn’t like it. I thought “surely they’ll fix this” and went on my way with 2.79. I only recently took another peek and figured it was time to speak up. Looking back, there were many way ahead on this issue:

I think they were right. The PNG user icon sheets would be perfect. I could imagine an entire Blender Artists topic or subforum for swapping icon sheets and theme settings. That would also make it easier for add-on developers to make the transition. Many may have chosen to use an icon that made sense with the old glyph that no longer makes sense with the new glyph.

Another user created which, for some reason, is still ignored for the time being.

This time, i don’t believe resource lacking is the problem. Maybe the problem is just “We devlopers don’t care” (Half Life 3 style) .

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Where can I find an SVG of all the icons? Preferably one that is current with 2.82.

There are links to it in the first post of this thread.

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Thanks. It wasn’t labeled as such and I assumed that would just be the dev discussion.

still find myself tricked, no matter I’m using 2.8x on a daily basis now…


Every time

Is this icon set available for other uses? For example if I want to use it in a non-commercial project? In What is the license?

Unfortunately no, those are not free…

Speaking of icons. Would it be possible to have icons that reflect their object type when appending/linking objects from another file? Currently all object types are the same square icon. Possibly also the ability to sort by object type just for the sake of grouping them.