New import Plugin: Ldraw (LEGO 3D Cad)


I started developping a new Blender import plugin.
It’s on a very alpha stage but with some spare time and
a little help from someone it will become complete.

Check informations here.


Few LEGO technics pieces imported in Blender

this is really good!!
i’ ve just a request but no coding abilities at all…, i’m sorry

is there a way to see a preview of the lego piece before importing?
maybe it could be based on a pic collection.

great stuff!

I’m sorry, but previewing Parts is not so simple, may in a future…,
This is my first Phyton script and I started programming in Phyton 10 days ago. :expressionless:

At the moment I use MLCAD to see a preview of the library.



Hi alv67
I improved your script a bit have a look at: