New interior scene

Hi everyone. Here’e a new interior scene I’ve started today.
This time I choosed to share the project from the beginning, your help will be so appreciated in both technical and artistic points.
Here’s the first render:

Thank you.

cool ceiling effect. What sort of room is it going to be?

Thank you.
A living room in between the different spaces. Going forward we’ll find the house entry and the kitchen, and backward the staires for the first flood and the other rooms.
I already modified the curtains that I didn’t appreciate.

Here an update :

Another update :

Hmmm, interesting… Very creative :slight_smile:

Today’s update :

Really nice room. Looks so realistic!!! I think only the sofa and the chair need some sculpt, but i am new, so i might be wrong. GJ!!!

Thank you. You’re right, the sofa and the chair don’t look good, but it’s not because of the sculpt, it’s because of the lighting that I’m struggling with, it’s too intense so it takes of details.
Here’s another update

The lamps looks flat like a 2D objekt. And your sofa need some sculpt.

Yes, I noticed it, I changed it in the final render (the final version, because this one is a low res).

Thank you

looks realy good, but I think it would look better if the ceiling design had more of a dark brown tint to it.
Keep up the good work

Thank marckiener, I’ll try it another time, I don’t have enough free time these days.

Hey, it looks cool but in my opinion you dont need all those lamps on the cieling. exept of that it is cool.

Thank you isus. These lamps are supposed to be part of the design, it’s not to make a sufficient lighting or something like this, no. But thank you for your comment and sorry for the low res.

Looks really nice.
Where does this very strong light come from that shines on the items on the sideboard? I can’t figure out the lamp. It is too hard so that the colors of the alarm clocks are hardly to tell. And it could use some contrast between the table and the doors of the sideboard (what about making the doors a black glass to give it some reflections?).

Here is another update, with somhow a better resolution, and some modifications.
Thanks to all for your help.

here’s the colour marckiener. Is it the one you spoke about ?
mywald, sorry but I’ll try changing the door’s material the next time. Thanks

Wow this scene looks great. Very realistic and the color looks great! keep it up its very impressive.

Thank you man, I am trying Corona with this scene and I’ll soon post a render with it!

Here’s the Corona version: