New 'intro to the game engine' tutorials

I’ve just finished a set of five videos taking beginners through Blender and some basics of the game engine.

In the videos I go through how to create a simple ‘Bunker’ game environment with a First Person player set up.

The video set is up at 3d-Palace:

Cris at 3d-Palace has just released a lot of his tutorial content for free. I’ve been a forum member there for a long time and thought I could help him by producing some Blender content.

There accompanying textures, sound files and blend files are free to download - so there’s everything you need to produce your own version of ‘The Bunker’.

See what you think and let me know!

I liked your result, it looked pretty cool, but I couldn’t make it to the end. It was just too basic, and I don’t like some of your methods.

That’s cool. Thanks for the feedback. The series is up on BlenderNation now too so hopefully it’ll get a few more views!