New items arent showing

When I create a new item it only shows on the side view. It doesnt show on any other views. What is more when I save the new object (I am tryign to make it into an importable meter ruler) it never apears when I import the saved file.

And ideas in whats wrong?

To centre view, (1 way!) Select object, (it will be selected when just created).Shift s-snap menu, choose cursor to selection. Mouse over viewport where you cant see object. press c to center view on cursor. Voila!

Thanks for the help (that will come in useful on bigger models) but it hasnt helped…

Its not that I cant find the new item, its that according to the other viewpost, it doesnt exist

I think this will show what I mean. Its a different problem slightly, when I tried your method when I created a new object the new object stayed in the other viewport but the original ultra low poly human vanished.

The low poly human usually apears grey like the cube, its not as ifd I have made it transparent or anything

As you can see the cursor in the left viewpost has no relation to the cursor in the right viewport.

IN the left it is centred in the human (using shift+s and cursor centre object.) and in the right centred in the cube, I wonder if this has anything to do with it…