New Laptop For 3D rendering HELP!


I’m working professionally as a 3D modeler.
My current laptop is getting old and outdated, the render’s I do are simple.

As I work also as a commercial support for the company i’m required to participated in meetings with clients and also work from other places.

There for going strait to the point I am considering buying a retina MacBook Pro 15" with the NVIDIA GT 750M or the 13" one.
This is my main choice because of battery life and portability.
But my concern is about render times I’m ok it 45min for image as that is my current time on my laptop.
I do need your opinion on this so i can make my choice wisely!!

Thank you in advance

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dont get a lap top for rendering. get a used deaktop for half the price. most laptops have low power so they dont kill the battery as fast. and even if you can up the power on a lap top they dont have the room to cool as fast as desktops. is your current lap top good for everything except rendering? if so just have a desktop rendering at home so the renders are done when you get home or get up in the morning before work. heck even set up sharing between the lap and desktop and use it to render remotely if you need to. a cheap desktop should be able to beat a good laptop due to increased cooling and an energy supply that doesn’t need throttled for heat or to save battery power.

I understand and agree with that but a desktop inst a solution since i cant take it with me to meetings and also sometimes i am required to model and do a small render on the spot.
Any way my laptop isn’t just failing on the render’s is starting to malfunction all around crashing and slowing down for no reason it as about 6/7 year’s not sure.

That graphics card will be mediocre for cycles rendering (I wouldn’t be surprised if rendering on the cpu was equal or faster). If you want a laptop with decent gpu rendering then you have to get one with a decent graphics card.

Thx for the reply’s so far keep them coming =D

I was wandering if you guys would know an estimated time for rendering a frame like the one i posted before one the rMBP that’s the main thing i have doubts about =D