New Mac

I just got a MacBook Pro 2.4ghz this afternoon. I’ve been a big PC user for a long time but the reason why I’m making the switch - primarily because OSX is a better development platform for my needs.

So I don’t anticipate booting my PC for anything more than rendering. The PC is a quad core 2.4 with a GeForce 8800GTX.

  • Python2.5 installed by default (not really a decision maker here… but cool points none the less)

  • Compiler that will compile Python C modules out of box - This was a real pain in the ass under XP…

  • Nice UI

  • Nice coding related tools

  • real Unix console - yay for tcsh

  • One company, one solution <-- This is like buying an SGI back in the day. I can’t tell you how many times my PC made me cringe with power management under Linux or XP. So I anticipate things just working.

I understand Linux basically covers everything mentioned above - but what Apple is kind of like buying a BMW, a lot of attention was put into things that other company’s just gloss over.

It’s flash bit of kit you’ve got. I got an AMD Laptop - about a year old! None of the features you have!

Yeah, Apple puts thought into everything. I got the battery out of a Mac laptop recently, and even that had style. It was slick, slim, and looked like someone had put thought into how it should look. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming your new MacBook Pro came with Leopard pre-installed. If it didn’t though, you should be able to get Leopard cheap for $9.95 US, if you bought it after the 1st of October new.

Enjoy it! I love my iMac, it’s great.

I had to install 10.5 because it was imaged with 10.4 - didn’t take more than a two key solute and holding the C key to fix it. It looks like they are just throwing the DVD in the box for the ones that were in stock.

Virtual Desktops is something I used a lot in my BSD workstation a few years back and its nice to have it again. So yeah its a blast - going to put XP on it too so I’ll have machine for everything.