New Materials.


Very new to this, had it only a few days.
I downloaded this chrome:

Can someone please tell me how to add/import it ?
Is there a tutorial anywhere for beginners please?


When you open the file, there’s a text editor that gives you a hint: Append (shift + F1).


  1. open the file containing your model and select your model (right-click)
  2. “shift + F1”, browse to the location of “chrome_minnaert-blinn.blend” and click on it, open “Material” (since that’s the part you need), select “ChromeMinnaertBlinn” (right-click) and load library (enter)
  3. in the “Shading” panel (F5), “Material” buttons, “Links and Pipeline” tab, click the arrow at the left of “Add New” and choose “ChromeMinnaertBlinn”.

:DThank’s for that Man! Sorted now ta. I wasn’t sure what they meant by ammend.