New member, new car paint shader node group...

Hello all. I created an account to share my efforts on an all-purpose car paint shader. I know there are a lot of those out there, but none has given me the flexibility I need.

The node group I created allows one to do solid, metallic, pearlescent and a mix of any of those, metallic and pearlescent particle size, as well as providing a displacement map for “orange peel” paint.


Great that you were able to create a more flexible shader… Any chance of uploading a blend file to go with it?

Oh yeah, sorry about that.

Link or Append the NodeTree to use it.

Awesome shader, better than i had seen from now, could we have a file please ?

You can also grab it here while it hasn’t been reviewed:

This looks really cool, I’m downloading your blend now and will try it out tonight!

Hi mackanov,

many thanks for your shader.

Cool, let me know how it goes!

You’re welcome, be sure to share if you ever do anything with it.

Really great shader, I like it :wink:
Great controls and simple !

Good job :wink:

Thank you!

I’m rendering a video for release next Tuesday, so I’ve not had a lot of spare time to play with other things, but here is my first render with your shader:

I only played with the diffuse color, but already it looks very good. The various settings and controls are really cool, very easy to use. I have some more GTA videos coming up before the end of the year, so I’ll be sure to experiment more with it then!

You should add a reflexions roughness for your carpaint :wink:

thanks for the share but i can’t see any node tree :-s

ok i foud how to grab the shader, -> import node tree->then add group.

@BaRe you need to be in the NodeEditor… then add>>Group>>CarPaintBSDF

Great! I like playing with the metallic and pearlescent colors myself. The diffuse mostly looks flat :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea! I try to achieve this same effect with the rugosity displacement map, but I guess this is quicker to render.

Here’s a quick rugosity setup and test render:

You can just add it directly from the materials pane, like you would any other shader, if you want. It’ll show up over the “group” column.

Like it.
How did you add that?

Enter in the group node, plug the glossy roughness and voilà !

:slight_smile: hahaha, so easy. Got to free some of my mind to just test and practice. Thanks!