New Member Post Approval

Just checking, since it stated that the posts for new members would normally be approved within 24 hours. - It’s been longer than that already. - Not a big deal, but I created an image for the weekend challenge, that would be great to have posted before the deadline. :smiley: … Thanks

Thanks for the heads up. This weekend was personally hectic for me so I was unable to get to your post quickly enough. I’m very sorry about that.

We have had a lot of new members interested in the Weekend Challenge. If you run into this issue in the future, please send a PM to Helge with a link to your entry.

I did, so he posted it for me. - Thanks all.

Can you also approve my other posts? - It´s been almost a week on some of them. - They will be really old news by the time they get approved. ^^

Yikes! Sorry about that. Around the time of new releases of Blender, we always get an influx of new members. So the moderation queue has been a bit more full than usual. You should be good to go now.

I am waiting on several posts to also show up as well, including a submission for the weekend challenge. Not a big deal, but it had been a couple days so I thought that I would check. I already sent a PM to Helge so I think it will get posted, but I had some others that I was hoping would show up pretty soon. Thanks!