New Members board?

Hi everyone, i’m goldenacorn93, and i’ve been using Blender since February 2009 when I decided I should become a computer animator. I downladed Blender before that though, around late November last year, when my dad sent a link to it in an email. I remember my initial reaction to the program being somewhere in the mid-90’s (decibels), but after some looking around I found Blender For Dummies and got a good introduction to the program, and just lately i’ve been looking around this fantastic community and bee subscribing to things like BlenderNaton and BlenderArt, and that has led me to here. :smiley:

So anyway, once you’ve skipped over that paragraph, here’s my real question: should we make a “New Members” board? Because on every forum that i’ve been on, there’s always some sort of “Introduce Yourself!” board where you’d post information about yourself and people would reply saying “Welcome to Here!” Granted I haven’t been on a ton of forums, but i’ve been on enough to expect some sort of board like that; it makes new members feel less awkward and gives them a warm welcome from the seasoned veterans. So, should we make a New Members Post Here board? :yes:

You can introduce yourself in the Off-Topic section. If you scroll down and browse some of the earlier threads, you’ll find that a fair folks have made an entrance that-aways.

And from me: “Welcome on Board

Ah, thank you very much!! :smiley:

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