New Mini-Game contest -Info and Entries Here! 0 day left !

The topic is “Mini-Game”

The Rules: Create mini game in blender, concentrate your efforts in the
Game Play not so much in modeling or texturing(although I
think the better it looks the more people are gonna want to play

             Models and textures, and scripts do not have to be made by
             you(but you can only use these if their creators allow you to do

             The mini game can be about anything, use your own judgment
             in regards to violence, nudity and all that good stuff (I mean
             There are children among us).
             The blend File sizes can not go over  2 megabytes (but this is
             open to suggestions) and you must pre-Pack the blend files.
             compression of files is highly encouraged (Zip, etc..). 
             You will  have 4 weeks to complete your Mini Game(this is open
             to suggestions too).
             Post here if you wish to participate
             O.K the contest will officially start on Sunday, August  1st and 
             your entries should be posted with your links to your mini            
             game blend files by Sunday, August  29th befor 2100 GMT-5,    

             Late participants can still enter but the deadline still applies.   
             NOR.J has kindly volunteered to host the mini game .blend 
             files.Send your blend files to; [email protected]

             Sponsors, and Donations are welcome for there are no Prize 
             Giveaways as of now , but this can change at any given time. 

These are the participants so far;


Ooo, I might give this a try. :smiley:
FPS for me! :smiley:

I’ll just make a wireframe game, kinda like wiseman303’s LabRat (I suck at texturing :stuck_out_tongue: ).

R2Blend those that mean your participating?

i dont think i can join, why does it come so many contests when i finaly have a big game to work with :-? .

Annyways, i will enjoy Watching and trying the games 8)
Good luck all of you that are joining :smiley:

Plus we need people to Host the mini-game blend files.

i cant join, but i can host the files if you want?..

That’s very kind of you NOR J. thanks a million :smiley:

i’m in.

Your problems include anyone actually finishing…

And how do you know if people havent already been working on a project for ages…

I mean, what if i just append a character model, armature, and import some scrpts, and a level to a new .blend…

Then there is hardly any work…


-one way to combat this is to set a strong theme that contestants must follow. Unike a big game project a theme is a good idea for stimulus in a small game.

A Mini-Game is a Game which will be harder how longer You play. Like this old Game-Boxes where You can put a Coin in to Play. Or like some Flash-Games You can find in the Web. If You think your Game-Idea is funny enough that You need only one Level … ok, try it.
We can never be sure that all is made in the given Time. So we have to trust. I do! That’s why modelling an texturing are not a part of the this Contest. Having a good Idea and put it into an easy Gameplay is hard enough, not?

if people really want to cheat they will
if people want to be true to themselves they will
i mean it doesnt have to be a game contest this falls for a modeling or a texturing type of contest, i could have a library of textures and models and nobody would know about it unless they’re omniscient. right?
that’s something beyond my control.
but if you cheat your selling yourself short…

i dont know if i should join i got no good idea’s at all!!!.

ok im in i guess.

Yep, I will! It might not be as good as I expected, because me and my family are going to drive home. I am in the middle of California, and we have to drive to northern Oregon! So naturally, it will take twelve hours, which means I will have less time to make the game. %|

R2blend, the contest hasn’t officially started so you still got time ,
I’ve added you and Grimreaper to the list of participants,
Do you guys think 2 weeks will be enough time though?
I mean i’ve never done a game in blender but it seems like it won’t be enough
time, I mean i’ve done a mini-game in Flash and just the testing part took
forever and that’s 2d , so i’m hoping more people give me their comments
about the time to complete the contest issue…

I’ll do it. Sounds like a larf.

(the rhino game guy)

2 Weeks is perfect, 2MB is perfect. EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!! :<
Hey, why isn’t my name on the list?

m gonna try too do it i dont think ill complete it tho i iant slept in a while i dont remember much but ill try :stuck_out_tongue: . ps. this is my first contest am i aloud to post updates in the wip forum?

lemmy, I didn’t put you on the list before cause you said you “might” enter,
but you’re on the list now.

Grimreaper, I don’t see why you should’nt be allowed to post your progress
in the W.I.P forum, go for it.

ok kewl thanks there dude i forgot what i asked so i had too check :(. but cool ill be there now :P.

does the game have to be 3d, or can it be 2d even if you do it in blender?