New mobile game - Crazy Gear!

Hey guys, we are creating a game called “Crazy Gear” for mobile platforms iOS and
Android. The game itself is made in Unity, but everything related to
3D is made by using Blender and we rely heavily on Open Source
software such as Blender, Gimp and other.

I am gonna keep up posting news on this thread, I would be thrilled to
hear from you! We are putting our hearts in this product.

And here are few pictures, which we have already posted on Twitter and Facebook.

We feel awesome, to be able, to show you guys our first trailer, made in Blender! Please, share your thoughts.
P.S. It is best to enjoy it in HD, with decent sound system! :slight_smile:

And, here is a little sneak peak into the 3D development. =)

What kind of game will it be?

Thanks for asking! It will be an endless runner. Sounds boring?
We hope it won’t be. We want to push this mobile genre to a new level by asking players to crash their cars into awesome enemies and cause destruction, do it with cool weapons and add-ons. Enjoy crazy races! We won’t be torturing players with adds and we’ll be super friendly with the in-app purchases!

Wonderfull scenes. I develop apps for android (using eclipse-java) and I start to learn blender and photoshop. This work encourage me about developing mobile games.

I think,it’s very interesting to all children. I like this game. it’s a good time killing to me.