New Monster Friends

Adding more monsters to the roster xD


nice , i really like it alot !!! :slight_smile:


You’re #featured!

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haha, this is suuuper nice! congrats!

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Nicely done! REALLY adorable.

It’s super cute ! I really love your art, I’m a fan ^^

:grin: Kawaii :grin::grin:
Really lovely.

They seem quite edible, I bet they eat teeth. :candy:
@Mohamed_Chahin Are you aware of the tail going through the horn, though? Took a while before I saw it, but I cannot unsee it and seems to me like it may be unintentional. I’d believe you if you were to say its part of the art style, though. :smile:

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I’m using it as background on my screen but the jpg image format has lots of artifacts. Could you upload an .png file or higher quality jpg. Thanks. My kids love the image by the way. :smiley:

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Yeah I re rendered the whole thing because of the tail horn thing xD


I didn’t even see that and I’m usually picky. It might be the cuteness that forgives any mistakes :smile:

I want to Squish it, they’re SO cute! Great job!

I love it - the materials really bring it to life!

Very pleasant colors and materials, cuteness overload :slight_smile:

Very cute!

ultra cute!

super duper

Any chance you’d have time to explain how ya got that cotton look?

Great style! It reminds me a bit of the Boring3D guy.

Nice, sweet. :slightly_smiling_face: