new newbee question 1

how do I insert a jpg into my question?

Click “Img”?

I’ve a jpg sitting under my c:,

What to do to let you see it?

PC User.

%| [/i]

You need some web space, upload the image there and place the URL for the image between the [img] tags.

Thanks for the info.
Sounds too much clicks for me at the moment.
I would just go ahead try to ask my new newbee question without jpg.
Here is:
Try to go over some old tutorials, have hard time to find the buttons. I guess it’s because the different versions.
I am looking for the folowing buttons:
“1 Mat:1” “?”
“New” “Delete”

“Set Smooth”“Set Solid”

Edit buttons. Click the button with the picture of the square with the yellow dots at the corners.