New old car...

I’m almost done saving up for a used car but I’m not really sure which one to get. Surely many of you have some knowledge about cars and I was wondering if you had any recommendations. Anyway here’s a little useful info:

  • I live in Montreal, Canada so any UK cars that aren’t available in North America …well…aren’t available:)

  • Price can’t go over 7000$CAD which is a little over 6000$US

  • Preferably manual, but auto is o.k. with me

  • Reliable engine, minimal gas consumption

Obviously the reliability depends on the previous owner and the mileage but I’m talking in general. If any of you have anything to recommend I’d greatly appreciate it:)

Yours truly,


Already recommended:

- Volkswagen Jetta

Well my brother just got a used volkswagen jetta about 2 monthes ago for 3000 usd…and i must say that it is in good condition…it is manual…here are some ups and downs:

  • Stylish look
  • Interior comfort
  • Good safety records
  • Good handling
  • Standard 4 wheel ABS system
  • Standard 4 wheel disk brakes
  • Variety of available engines
  • Variety of optional equipment
  • High resale value
    Not the best reliability
  • Service and parts are quite expensive
  • Price

I always liked the Jetta, but I remember a mechanic telling me something about it that turned me off and I can’t really remember what it was. Thank you, nice pick:).