New Particle system's not being a team player

So I’m trying to make particles form a word as stated in this thread:

…but using the new particle system found here:

Ondrew said:
You have to create a grid with for example 8x8x8 vertices as one object and a box as a second object - the particle. Parent the grid to the box, select the grid and hit Object/Object buttons/Anim settings/Dupliverts
Then enable Object/Physics/Particles/Unborn and there you go.

I tried that to no avail :frowning:

Heres my setup:

And heres my render:

For some reason it renders the cubes as normal particles with a halo material (the cubes material is not a halo).

Does anyone know why this is?
Help appreciated :slight_smile:

Forget the dupliverting and parenting thing. Instead, under perticle visualisation, select Object, and then enter the name of the cube in the box next-door. Hopefully I haven’t missed any steps out and that works!

Hey! That worked instantly. Thanks for that!