new particles

I chose not to be constrained by the the laws of physics today. I’m floating in mid-air in front of my computer exactly the way a brick doesn’t, and I’m typing this with my mind at 9,000,000 words per minute. So you just be quiet, Harkyman!:smiley:

Harky. you are right about that, but i figure if I threaten to hold my breath until I turn blue someone in DEV will take pity on me,of course there are some poeple on this forum that would love to see me turn blue.


woohoo, looks like the new particles will be in the next release out towards the end of december.


that is only a maybe. Jahka has had more free time lately, but that doesn’t mean that there will be adequate time for a full review and testing.


I gather the next release is pushed back to about mid Jan now on account of having 2 weeks more to submit and also due to xmas/new year holiday period…is that right?

Just depends on how buggy the testing builds are and how much time people find to fix them.


Letterrip is right about the buggy testing builds, they don’t want a bunch of bugs in the release so they hold it as long as neccesary.

BTW: Big fan it’s called Christmas. I have no idea where the X came from.

First of all, he can call it what ever he wants… Secondly, he was just as right as you. The letter Chi (X) in the Greek Alphabet symbolizes christ. Hence XMAS is correct.

Here ya go… The gift of knowledge. Merry Xmas (a little early)

The letter X replaces ‘Christ’ in christmas.

I consider Christmas to be the true religious holiday and Xmas just some stuffed up secular commercialized name for it.

Now weren’t we talking about particles.


“particles - coming along nicely - should be ready for a patch ‘real soon now’”, lol, yeh, but at least it sounds hopefull :smiley: