New Photoscan Pack Released! Australian Elements

Well here it is, Australian Elements

Made from photoscans from various little spots around the Western Australian hills region. Fully setup for Blender users with 2 .blend files

File A Includes the models: Big Rocks, Brick Pile, Burnt Tree Trunk, Ditch, Ground 1 and 2, and Ground Gutter

File B Includes the models: Plank, River Bed, Rock, Speckle Rock, Trail Rocks, and both Tree Trunk 1 and 2

Ok so where is the other textures?

You can find the 2K, 4K, and 8K textures in your Material Properties panel

The file is set on the 2K by default, and to apply the others just go into edit mode with your selected model and highlight all with the A key, then you should see an apply button appear within the material properties panel, click the size you want and press apply.

  • you may want to go to File > Clean Up > Unused Data-Blocks before you render