New Police hovership

(Nayman) #1

Made by the same companyt as my police mech, (wolverine), here comes the WX-Wasp, a short range, highly manouverable, reconasencse/hunter aircraft. Built to track and eliminate a hostile presence in both rural and urban areas.

Uses some of the same body componets as the mech to cut down on cost, and ease of maitenence. Its top speed is 230 knots and it is powered by two independant engines, so if one breaks down, the otherone takes contoll of both.

(BgDM) #2

That is one wicked animation Nayman. Your stuff just keeps getting better and better! Keep it up, and you will make my hate list :wink:


(Nayman) #3

anyone elose?

(digitalSlav) #4

once again just the first frame here… nice street scene although i wanted to see the new vehicle. what codec and program are you using cause nothing i have will run it (wma, qt, real, divx).

(Nayman) #5

download divx 5.02

(Zweistein) #6


(jetblack) #7

I want see more!! :smiley:

(TurboG) #8

I like it…But how do you make the light where you can see it like that? I’ve been wondering a long time and wondered if you could tell me?

(Nayman) #9

hit halo in the lamp ubttons o nthe die

make suyre its a spot light, and turn up halo step

(TurboG) #10

Ty :slight_smile: I’ve been wanting to know this for a long time! (forgot to ask Q&A…Oh well)

(S68) #11



I’m amazed…

I think I’ll need a week to recover and start rendering again :frowning:


(Nayman) #12

ha ha ha

common s86, your stuff is great!~

why is it good?

I am actually not too happy with it.