New Powermacs

So what do folks think about the new powermacs G5s. Will they make an impact in the 3D world?

This could be the one the Maya/Lightwave on-a-Mac users have been waiting for. Too bad Apple doesn’t run any tests with a 3d app. They always use Photoshop as a baseline.

looks like you might need to change your nick (powermacG5 ?)
Seriously, they look to be pretty fast. Any new mobile chips?

they do look very powerful, but the tests don’t really say that much about how it performs in the ‘real world’…


I will love to get one. But I got to push my G4 more. Also I just bought a 2.4GHz XEON HT box. And I’m about to land two 2.8 GHz HT CPUs for it so I think that will hold me over for awhile. But we should see some good Speed once rendering software and Video Compositing software is recompiled for the CPU. Hopefully this move might push Pixar to support Renderman for it. Once GCC is optomized for the G5 recompiled apps like Yafray and Blender should be smoking.

Check out:

About half way through the video the president of Pixar makes
some interesting comments.