New Project

Hello and Greetings to all .This year we are creating a new video game project and we are looking for 4 collaborators for the realization of it. For more information contact me at [email protected]. Thank you all.

first, its generally not wise to post an email publicly, as bots and things can get it.

second, you need to help convince people to help on your project. theres few, if any, devs sitting around waiting to jump at any thing to cross our desk.

give us some details on the premise, world, characters or genre that would entice us to help see your vision to completion.

reality check: the BGE is on its way out, or in a dev lull, at the moment. on top of that, due to the flexibility the (up)bge provides, collab isnt something its good at. a lot of us are here to satisfy our own curiosities and prototypes.

the bge puts the “yourself” in diy.

with that said, there are many resources to aid you in creating you project. im working on bge_game3_core which is a template or framework to build on.

if you arent using the blender game engine at all, then this is not the place for you. instead #jobs section may be of use to you.

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