NEW Q: Non Moving Collision Objects?

Alright,Im just now getting into the Game Engine and though Ive looked everywhere, but cant seem to find the answer to this problem.
I have textures all set up on a mesh, set up for realtime. they show up in textured mode in the 3d view. Then I hit p, and its back to the grey boxes. Whats the problem?
Please hit me with the painfully simple solution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

New question, scroll down…

Did you UV map everything?

Post the .blend.

yeah, im pretty sure I did…!Here, just a sec…
the .blend:

There are some textures missing, be sure to pack the data whenever you upload.

File -> Pack data.

oh, yeah whoops… heres with the textures…

Actually…wierd, They work fine when I pack the data…
Thanks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :slight_smile:

Alright, New Question:
How do you make objects that cause collisions, but dont bounce all over…say, a ramp that you want to rool balls up. Ive got this ramp, but its always bouncing up in the air. Ive tried changing the actor radius, the mass, and all such settings to no avail.

something that is interesting about getting uv texture to show is you need to add a material then add a texture in the materail nothing needs to be setup for the texture it just needs to be added.

Well, its strange, because most of my objects didnt even need to have an assigned material. The texture just showed up!..anyway, its all good now…
Any ideas about this newest question?