new question with bounds boxes

Up until now I have only used 1 camera and when i wanted to get a differnt angle I would just fly around with it (shift+f) but in the current scene I am working on I want to have a few angles set up and be able to render any one I want any time i want. What I want to know is how do i set which camera gets rendered? also i remember there was a shortcut to snap a cammer to how ever your presepective view looks, anyone know what it is? also any other random camera info

ctrl-num0 and alt-num0 allow you to change between two cameras.

so the max you can have is 2? also how do i know which is alt and which is ctrl?

p.s. i am not at my home computer so i cant test any of this out so sorry if i am asking really obvious things

You can have as many cameras as you like. There’s no limit. You can select any camera or in fact object with alt-0.

alright thanks


just incase someone is still reading this i need help. I just got back to my computer (wasnt far away :stuck_out_tongue: ) but when I was playing around I hit a key that made everything display as their bounds boxes when I’m not editing. I didnt even know blender did this (will help once i figure out how to turn it on and off) but for now its kinda annoying and I dont know what key i hit

hit d :slight_smile: and select the mode you want. You can also change this setting in the menu next to “Object Mode” at right.

thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile: it was hard to line up things only being able to see one at a time :-?