New real-time raytracing engine - d5 render

So i saw this in my youtube feed today - not much information out there but apparently. It leverages the power of the new RTX cards

it seems it’s only available for sketchup at the moment


How exactly RTX works?

I am not a C++ person neither I do graphics. But it seems that there is a premade “Pipeline” that programmers can access and plug right into their applications.

Essentially raytracing is provided out of the box with nvidia SDK and plug into it thus having raytracing for “free” (without any sort of sophistication). Then is only about creating a nice GUI.

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Maybe the introduction of rtx cards and at one pint dropping price will make Vulcan for Blender more attractive

also reads .fbx > + Create New

I wonder also if this means throwing the calculations into RTX? Or exactly switching to their own pipeline instead?

I am just curious to learn about how is done. :slight_smile:


I see the current development in hardware interesting. Coming from the OpenGL macOS discussion while it sucks that Apple decided to leave OpenGL they are kinda doing the same as Microsoft and all other standards over the years just dragged dragged dragged.

That’s why cuda is so useful and good.

OpenGL vs Vulcan seems to me to have many limitations from the time it was invented and Vulcan like in pro render offering the ability to mix resultier raytracing with standard shading.

And if this can be accelerated heavily via a raytracing core in Nvidia or amd and the price will come down of those GPUs then to me it seems to make the idea to move blender to Vulcan even more interesting.

But I am not a coder - so I could oversimplify things here.

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I’m pretty sure this is built on UE4, same as Twinmotion.

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No, that would be unlegal

No, it wouldn’t be illegal as it’s no different than any dev building an application or game using Unreal engine(exactly like Twinmotion as mentioned) as long as the devs are paying Epic as per the usual terms an conditions of the licence.

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Got confirmation. This is built on UE4. So it isn’t a new real time raytracing engine, it’s a simplified, stripped out version of the Unresl engine.

Interesting and seems like false marketing then? What does UE4 leverage additionally from RTX cards that isn’t support with real-time raytracing?

I’m not sure what it does.

If you look at the water here in the video you see every time the camera or setting are changed the water reflections/refraction disappear.

It looks like it renders via rasterisation, and then progressively (and quite quickly) overlays the ray tracing effects to it.

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We are looking for realtime rendering for interior design but we are not going to get RTX cards just for that. Then Enscape is fine (most people dont notice the GI noise smoothing issues).

Nobody is using pure real time raytracing yet. Tech isn’t quite there for games. Too much overhead. All the demos and games to date are using a hybrid approach and only using RT in certain circumstances.

D5 site is down atm so I don’t know whether they mention that Unreal is ‘under the hood’

UE4 RTRT supports GTX cards with DXR and latest drivers, so RTX isn’t essential.

It’s using the UE4 path tracer in the same way as an unbiased offline path tracer. This is for stills/animations and has to resolve noise just like an offline renderer. What you’re seeing is rerendering/resolving noise as settings/scene changes require.

UE4’s ray tracer is used for games and uses a hybrid approach along with rasterisation. This is what allows it to run in real time at high frame rates.

Yeah that’s pretty true

Another commotion to the flood of architecture tenet apps

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Ideally you would think these archvis aimed renderers would use more of UE4 capabilities and include basic FPS blueprints and collisions for exploring/interacting in the environment in VR. Surely this is the future of archvis? Offline GPU renderers/denoisers can render this stuff a lot quicker these days so simple arch vis stills and flythroughs aren’t that big a deal.

Yeah actually for that area options are getting pretty attractive

Particularly when they have environmental systems trees plants and animated humans in it.

Pretty cool actually

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