$/New Rig added 1/9/2019 Advanced Character rig Supreme Offer! blender2.8 ready!

Like everything in life has a end :wink:
The offers it’s over!!
Thank you to all guys who support me :pray:
Now back to normal agressive prices!
The horse rig at $15

The female warrior rig at $15

And the combination of the two only at $20

nothing to see here

my Rigged models now are also in cgtrader.com

Do you guys wanted to make another big price offer? Let’s say half the price ?
I need to catch out some money in octomber
So I need to increase my sales

Ok update!!! All of my rigged models at half the price until the end of december !!!

ok here is my new product:
xbox one style controller Rigged

Please guys support me in this Christmas by buying my products :heart::heart:
It will help me for far more advanced products at the same cheap price !!!

Could really use a ‘bird’ rig, that allows the wings to fold easily and intuitively. I have tried Rigify, good rig, but wing folding remains problematic. I also bought two birds. They are well made, but not my style, as I want to put a rig into ‘my’ two birds. I tried to transfer ‘his’ rig, but it was problematic also, without decent results. Even ‘Auto Rig Pro’ has visual documentation on a good folding wing, and options for feathers/wing , but it isn’t clear how to actually apply the feather in the available product, ‘yet??’ Your work looks fine, thanks for sharing.

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Ok thank you , well look right now I made the super most advanced character rig ever produced in blender, with muscle stimulation and all kind of things combined together, after this I will make the bird rig which is also be super complex for any kind of animation ,so stay tuned for next updated ,2020 will be really exited for both price offering and product quality, im going to smash price performance ratio at every level​:smiley::smiley::smiley: so stay tuned guys !!!