$/New Rig added 1/9/2019 Advanced Character rig Supreme Offer! blender2.8 ready!

Like everything in life has a end :wink:
The offers it’s over!!
Thank you to all guys who support me :pray:
Now back to normal agressive prices!
The horse rig at $15

The female warrior rig at $15

And the combination of the two only at $20

nothing to see here

my Rigged models now are also in cgtrader.com

Do you guys wanted to make another big price offer? Let’s say half the price ?
I need to catch out some money in octomber
So I need to increase my sales

Ok update!!! All of my rigged models at half the price until the end of octomber !!!
From $15 to $7
From $20 to $10
And from $5 to $2
Hurry up :grinning:!!!
And thank you for your support guys I highly appreciate :pray:!
More rigged models coming soon!