New saber (cobra)

I’ve been working on a saber to get used to playing with metals in blender’s texture and material settings. I was hoping to get a highly reflective, super-chromed look out of this one, but so far all I can get is this sort of brushed aluminum look. Any good tutorials or tips on getting more reflection out of my metal textures? I’ve found a few metal tutorials, but I had a hard time understanding them and they didn’t achieve the results I wanted.

I’m also considering taking a chunk out of the other side of the handle and adding more grips to it.


Add RayMir on it if you want it to be more reflective. Looks good so far though, however not sure about the green colour.

ya turn the ray mirror up, and add more lights to it. Play with the specularity settings and the hard value. You could always cheat and use an image of reflection too.

You might want to try using HDRI to get a good result too!

I’ve got ray mirror on, but I was having trouble with it being overly reflective. It almost started to look transparent for some reason. What is HDRI?