new Servo Angular Motor feature issue.

Servo Angular Motor feature issue.

.blend file

You’ll need the our build with the new servo angular motor too

The cause of the objects going crazy when using the new feature Angular Servo Motor is because of the object’s Dimensions not being above 1x 1y 1z.

You can apply scale or not, but the Dimensions in the panel bar on right side do not change. They are only above 1.0x 1.0y 1.0z if the object is big :confused:

This is trouble for me because the small joint cube objects that are inside my human baby are used to rotate its limbs.

As for the small limbs like toes - they are way under 1.0x 1.0y 1.0z Dimensions.

your going to have to repost that google drive url it is not copy/pasted right.…W1hQmxUY01iSnM

Sorry my bad, Tristan said in an email to me to use high proportional values, which, he meant you must use LOW proportional values :D. Now all is working.


The angular servo was fixed by using the inertia moment in the torque computation, see UPBGE commit 3d2e0c7faa3c92758bcc82e921e22d7bb37b3905.
Though you still have to set smaller values for smaller objects to get it stable.

Does this mean the servo parameters I set over the past few days for my human limbs will have different results now? Better or worse results?

Explain more…

Yes it will get a different result (though you were working on the middle of a release, not the most stable moment if there’s bug noticed as here), but the result should be better.


Will there be any future changes to the servo angular?