New Short Film!


(johnnygibbs) #1

Hey! Its been years since Ive posted. Glad to see y’all still blending…and the new website! This is my latest short film about a man trying to reach a goal. It took me 6 months to finish within an elapsed 3 years of time. School sucks. In making this, my main focuses and goals was character animation, environment, and composition. Anyways a lot of time and effort was put into this so I really hope you like it.

Thank you for watching. Improvement is key so please provide feedback.
Edit: Best with headphones

(Calzaath) #2

Great job! There are lots of really pretty shots in here! especially that one of the pillars near the end.

For improvement, I would add some texture to the guy so he doesn’t look so perfect.

I just realized that there is the man trying to reach a goal and there is you reaching the goal too. It payed off.

(johnnygibbs) #3

It was a goal to reach indeed! thx for your input @Calzaath

(logane616) #4

Is it weird that I want him to leap of faith at the end?

(Peetie) #5

Amazing how you keep on building that wow effect.
The only thing what looks a bit off is the stones in the water.
And at some moments I thought that it was mixed with real footage because the vegetation looks so real.
But again: amazing shots and expression of character

(GarageFarm.NET) #6

Had the same thought here too :slight_smile:

Jarek D(DJ)

(GarageFarm.NET) #7

That is a really cool one

Some good shots and lighting
It’s well pulled off

Some things in modelling texturing wer too off for me (I mean scaling issues which were quite important with the main theme of the movie I guess but then again in some shot you nailed it and the feeling of awe with grand mountain views was appealing)

So as for an ‘almost’ one man’s job it’s a great piece


Jarek D(DJ)

(johnnygibbs) #8

lmao that would funny and random af

(johnnygibbs) #9

Glad you point that out. How do I solve that texturing issue? Painting such a large scale model like the cliff in the shot after the creek proved difficult in keeping the texture high res. I dont know how to paint a large model in high detail.

Thx for yalls input


Great job! The film looked great and had a very cinematic feel to it.

I agree with what others have said already though, the scaling of environmental pieces feel off in a few parts, even though it does help create a sense of grandeur in a few parts. I also feel the main characters face looked a little odd at moments, mainly due to his mouth hanging open.

BUT! The fact that you finished a short film is something to be proud of. Creating something of this quality by one person is insanely awesome. So I applaud you. :clap: :slightly_smiling_face:

(Justin Lynch) #11

Its always great to see someone finish a short film! Congrats!

(johnnygibbs) #12

Thank you all for the feedback! I agree @ArtAvenue, the characters face was odd in some moments. I need to learn how to animate a character thats just breathing.